The Different Types of Instagram Followers and Their Value to Your ROI

Followers fuel your visibility on Instagram. But there are different kinds of followers that you will come across during your experience on Instagram. Today we let out the secret of these followers, and what value they add to your interaction on this platform.

This list isn’t exhaustive, because your followers can well be a mixture of both. So, let us look at them

The Likes for Likes Followers

These are those followers that will like your content to give you some face. They reason that since you have liked my photo let me just like yours as well. They live on the likes they get so they are high maintenance. Their aim is to get one more like, and they will usually start a campaign like “let us exchange likes.”

The Invisibles

These are the ones that are there and not there at all in the same breath. They follow you, but they are so inactive that you will never see them post anything, comment or even hit the like button. You might even wonder whether they exist at all.

They joined Instagram just because it was cool, or because someone at work suggested it. They are ever busy and never get around to use the platform. When it comes to boosting the number of followers, they make it count, but when it comes to adding value to your engagement levels – zero.

The One-word Commenters

Commenting needs to be engaging and useful to the whole audience. But there are those followers that will add anything to the conversation to get notifications when someone else posts something. Most comment with “F” to mean following. These are interested in the conversation, but they don’t have anything constructive to add to the discussion.

The Followers

These are the real people that follow you. They follow you because they understand what you are doing and they come to you with the aim of getting information, a product or service. They are your buddies and believe in you – going ahead to like anything you post however lame it is or irrelevant.

They follow you and don’t mind whether you change direction or not. These are those friends that will stay loyal to you and help you achieve your dream. They like, repost, share and even send you DMs.

Apart from getting such followers organically, you can also get them via a genuine follower service such as Boostfy. The followers you get are set to be active and help you grow your account. Check out the review of this tool on The Small Business Blog to start growing your following the right way.

Pseudo Followers

These like every content that you post, and when you think that your content must be very good, you realize that they are on every other profile, liking the photos the same way. They like many things and will hop on any profile that they see fit without thinking twice. They are those followers that are supportive and are looking for a way to stay relevant in the community.

Then there is another version of the followers who go ahead to like any photo that they are tagged in. If you tag them, then they like you back. And they don’t like anything else that you post.

In Closing

You need to understand what kind of followers you have on your account. This means that you sit back and analyze the kind of response you get from each post that you put up. Understanding your followers gives you an idea of what to do to grow your brand on Instagram.