How to Drive Bookings to Your Hotel Using Instagram

With hotels springing up around you day and night, you need to have a special strategy to get more customers to your business. Without any business, your hotel will be just that – just another hotel, a building. With Instagram marketing, you get to take your hotel to another new level, a level where everybody will want to use the services.

Hotels don’t need to rely on just local customers; you need to extend your reach beyond borders. What you need to do is to get customers from all walks of life, from all corners of the world. This is where Instagram comes in. This platform gives you access to hundreds of millions of potential customers.

We look at how to drive hotel bookings using Instagram.

Share Hotel Photos

Hotels have the aesthetic appeal that can make Instagram sense. With the visual appeal that Instagram brings to the table, you can use the app to share a multitude of photos with your audience, ranging from the food to the decor, to the pool to the guests having a blast in the hotel.

Make sure you have a high-quality camera to capture the images. This is because you have to communicate a certain level of quality about the hotel. Clean, high-resolution images tell the customers that their stay will be glamorous.

The benefit of sharing the photos is that it gives your potential guests a chance to see what to expect if they decide to stay at the hotel. If what you have in the photos is good, they will follow you and want to know more.

If you share photos of guests at your hotel enjoying the experience at your hotel, you trigger the same feeling in the follower like the one the guest went through. Make sure you take some calculated photos of the guests in the hotel in various scenarios.

Have a Contest

Spire tells you how to grow your Instagram, but one thing that you will find emphasized by experts globally is the use of contests. People love free stuff, and you can take advantage of this fact to grow your following.

With the promise of free stuff, your audience will do what you ask them to, with the intention of winning the prize.

Before you start the contest, you need to have a few goals in mind. Make sure you understand what you need to accomplish, and craft the contest towards this accomplishment.

You also need to pick a prize that is enticing and relevant to the hotel industry. The easiest option is dinner or a stay at the hotel.

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers make marketing easy for you – as long as you work with the right influencer. An influencer is a user who has a huge following in your niche or region. You can use the influence the user has on his audience to market your hotel.

Display the User-generated Content on Your Site

The best thing about Instagram is that you get user-generated content, which can act as your testimonials. One way to ensure the content is seen all over the world is to post it on your website, blog or any other directory that you are a part of. People who are sceptical about your hotel will get convinced when they see that previous customers have something good to say about the whole experience.

In Closing

Make sure you use Instagram to enhance the reach of your hotel business. Take time to use the features on the platform to give you a chance to grow your Instagram reach, and get more customers.