6 Tips to Cut Down Heating Costs in Winter

Household budgets are seeing it rough due to the high home-heating bills, especially during winter. These bills are especially tough on those homes that rely on a fixed income each month, or those that live from paycheck to paycheck.

Today we look at simple yet effective ways to survive the winter and come out smiling.

Use Socks

One of the major reasons why homeowners turn up the heating system is that their feet are cold. This excuse is eventually costly.

Instead of cranking up the heat, you can don a pair of socks or use a blanket or sweater. This saves a lot on the electricity bill.

Make Use of What You Already Have

You need to use the available heat sources first before you can go ahead and turn up the heat. For instance, if you are cooking, use the heat that is in the kitchen to keep yourselves warm. Go ahead and take your meal from the kitchen, that is if it is spacious enough. If you are bathing, you can open the doors to the bathroom and let out the steam to the other parts of the home so that the steam does not go to waste.

One mistake that homeowners make when they opt for this trick is turning on the fan to “spread” the heat around the house. Instead, you end up removing the warm air from the room and replacing it with icy cold air.

Turn Down the Water Heater a Notch

Since the air is already warm, turning down the water heater a little bit will not hurt at all. You can take this down by 20 degrees Celsius, and the change will not be noticeable at all.

Another option is to use a programmable thermostat. This works by allowing you to adjust the heat according to a schedule. This schedule comes into effect depending on the time you come into the house, and it switches off the heat when you go out. It also takes the heat a little bit lower when you go to sleep.

Retain the Heat In

You need to make sure you do not let the heat to escape unnecessarily. Make sure you seal off any entrances and exits to minimise the loss of heat from the home. You also need to turn off the ventilation fans across the home, right from the bathroom to the kitchen.

With less heat escaping, you will not be forced to heat the home to replace the lost heat.

Opt for Electric Blankets

If you compare the heating costs when using the HVAC unit and when using electric blankets, you find that there is a huge difference. You spend more heating every room in the house than supplying power to an electric blanket.

Take time to choose the best electric blankets for the whole family from a reputable informative site such as Warm Electric. An electric blanket does not require you to heat the whole house to stay warm, all you need is to make sure you heat the individual blankets.

If you are a couple, you can choose an electric blanket that is big enough to cover both of you. It is recommended that you choose one with dual controls so that each person can choose the level of warmth he or she desires.

The electric blanket also comes with a programmable thermostat that can be programmed to switch off once you are adequately warm and switch on when the weather changes.

Call for Regular Inspections

Make sure the HVAC system is working perfectly before the winter sets in. A properly working heating unit reduces the cost of heating as compared to a faulty unit.

Work with a professional to make sure the system is working well each year. Tell the technician to check the filters, and probably replace them once every year. Clogged filters make the heating unit to work harder, which leads to higher heating costs in the home.

The Bottom-line

Winter comes with the need to stay warm. Along with this come higher heating costs that bump up your already high heating costs. However, with a few tips, you can take advantage of this season and keep the heating costs to a minimum while keeping warm as well.