Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Based on the figures released by the American Pet Products Association in collaboration with the National Pet Owners Survey, there are an estimated 78 million dogs and 86 million cats. Cat owners spend about $219 on vet bill in one year while dog owners spend an average of $248 for the same period on the same costs.

These figures represent costs for routine visits to the pet. But, what if the unexpected happens? What if your puppy swallows a sharp bone for instance, or Merry’s illness strikes? You don’t have to go into debt for your pet’s care emergencies; a pet insurance policy can have you covered. Here are the reasons you should get one.

Pet Insurance Gives You Full Coverage on Hereditary Conditions

Treating genetic illness can be expensive, especially when the ailment keeps reoccurring. Therefore, a policy that covers such conditions will come in handy when disaster strikes. Note that some pet insurance companies cover hereditary conditions at an extra cost, so you need to look for a provider that insures such conditions as standard. After all, you want a comprehensive policy at a reasonable premium.

Veterinary Costs are Rising by the Day

As pet care advances, veterinary costs also keep getting more expensive.  Besides, specialty veterinary care is now available ranging from the ophthalmologist to oncologists and neurologists. Plus, the cost of a simple corrective surgery may end up leaving you with a huge dent in your finances. However, with a pet insurance policy in place, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing any occurrence will be adequately covered.

You Can Choose a Plan that is in Line with Your Needs

If you are on a budget, you can still choose a pet insurance plan that covers your pet adequately without hurting your wallet. Most pet insurance policies can be tailored to fit not only your budget but also your specific needs. In general, pet insurance premiums are relatively affordable. Be sure to insure your pet at an early age as because you have more options to choose from ranging from major accidents only to general checkups and vaccinations.

…even make sure that you get the right supplies for your pet

Buying an insurance cover for your animal is one thing but taking good care of it is entirely different. Invest in right pet supplies such as beds, crates, head pad, whelping boxes and so on. Visit to view a collection of pet supplies that will help keep your furry friend warm and healthy.