Top Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

As a travel blogger, you are looking for more followers and traffic to your blog. It is no secret that the more people that visit your blog the bigger it becomes and the more recognition you get. But many travel bloggers forget a crucial part of Instagram – likes. It would be a shame to have many followers who don’t like the posts you put up.

Here is a blueprint for getting more likes on your posts.

Share the Right Images

Instagram is a visual network, which first started out as a way to share images between friends and colleagues. The aim of sharing images is to get more likes – which show appreciation, of the image from the audience.

As you take the pictures to share on the social platform, you need to have an idea about what drives your audience. You can get the answer to this by looking at the images you have shared in the past and how the followers reacted to them. See which images got the most likes.

What if you have a new account? The trick here is to check out the posts from your competitor and find out the ones that are getting more likes then use that to create the perfect posts.

Alternatively, using a liker app, as recommended by Income Artist is a great strategy. The app gives you the likes that make your posts stand out. Posts with a large number of likes are more likely to attract more people. This tool is easy to use and gives great results.

Use Call to Actions (CTAs)

You need to understand what action you are looking for when you make a post on the platform. If you share an image and just leave it there, people like it and that’s it! On the other hand, if you want more likes, then the CTA should be all about more likes on your images.

You can come up with different CTAs for your images. These can range from signing up to a forum, sharing the image or reposting it. These CTAs are the best way to get likes on your posts.

Know the Times to Post

Instagram gives you a nifty scheduling tool to help you determine the right time to push posts. The time is dictated by the time zone that you operate in. If a majority of your audience is in the United States, then you need to know when is the right time to post the images so that they get maximum likes.

Repost the Images on Other Networks

If you have accounts on other social networks, it is advisable to share the Instagram post to these networks. The link to the post will redirect your audience from the other social networks to the Instagram page, giving you more likes. Instagram allows you to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler the moment you publish.

In Closing

It takes more than adding a post to your Instagram page to get the likes you are looking for. Make sure you share the right images and use other tips to get the likes you need to stay relevant.