Using Instagram Stories for Promoting Travel Products and Services

Instagram Stories have brought more spontaneous and simpler ways to create content and has made it the best ways to display content related to what travel offers – experienced and services.

Users that are drawn to your page love these Stories because they take them through various experiences right from the planning stage to the destination.  They are also seen to be more authentic and immediate also natural as compared to planned content that has been set in form of a publication.

Where Can You Use Instagram Stories?

Stories are ideal for creating real-time content that fits perfectly in travel content. You can use the stories to talk about a journey right from the time you step out of the house to the time you go to sleep.

You can capture moments ranging from taking morning coffee in a hotel to horse riding, and anything else that can be caught on the camera – well, anything that is interesting to your followers.

Stories are also ideal for capturing scenes that are considered “behind-the-scenes” such as a maid preparing a bed or how you prepare a dish right from the kitchen or show how the guide takes you from one part of an area to another. The opportunities to get content for the Instagram Stories are endless – it only needs some little imagination, goodwill and creativity.

The good thing is that the tools of the trade are easily available – only your internet and phone.

The Question is – Why Use Stories in the First Place?

The appeal of Instagram Stories lies in the fact that more people on the platform will more likely see the Story than a regular post. Given time, most of the people on Instagram check out the stories first and then go ahead to statuses.

Many users scroll through regular posts without any attention, but users are more focused on the content, seeking to know what it contains.

A look at the Instagram page shows you that Stories are located at the top of the screen. This means that when a user launched the application, the Story is what he sees first.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Travel Brand

You can post the stories either in a random way or a spontaneous manner, it is, however, much better if you come up with a strategy in terms of the content that you post.

It is very desirable that before you come up with a Story, you consider how o make it interesting and appealing. Since you can come up with so many Stories during the day, you can have a series just to create a complete piece.

If you are short of time, you can check out SWS Mag and learn more about automation tools, and how to get the right one for your travel brand.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to travelling, Instagram Stories stands tall when it comes to giving out content. Make sure you use the Stories the right way in order to enjoy all the benefits that this feature provides.