Staying Warm in Style – What You Need for Winter

Depending on who you are or where you’re from, winter is either dreadful or “the most wonderful time of the year.” The weather cools down, snow finally begins to fall and most people’s favourite holiday rolls around.

If you live in the tropics it may be easy to forget, but winter can be a pretty big deal. For those of us that don’t enjoy a 26-degree climate year-round, winter means we put away our shorts and unpack the long pants. But, sometimes we feel like getting something new.

Winter fashion changes like anything else, but what you need will always stay the same. Luckily, there’s a lot of room for self-expression since you’ll need so many layers. Let’s have a look at you’ll need in your wardrobe since winter is here.

Your inner-most layers

For those uninitiated to the frost, dressing in layers is a brand new concept. In a perfect world, we could all throw on a t-shirt, put a coat on over it and waltz out the door to our destination. Unfortunately, if it gets below 0 (and definitely if it’s snowing) that may not be the best idea.

That t-shirt doesn’t have to go, but putting on a sweater over it is suggested. Depending on where you’re from knit or patterned sweaters are go-to during the holidays and dark colours are seasonally appropriate.

If you’re the type that hates sweaters, no worries. So long as it isn’t too bulky, a vest should do the trick. Down vest seem to be trending and chances are your favourite brand probably has one. Pair that with a button for a dress-casual look or a half zip-up if your lounging.

All the pants

Fortunately for all of our wallets, pants don’t change too much with the season. Denim is still denim and your chinos are still chinos. If you’re somewhere truly frigid you can break out a set of flannel pants, other wise stick with above or some comfy sweats since you’ll be inside most of the time.

Avoiding frostbite

Chances are you’ve been through a cold winter before. Unless you’re perfect there’s at least one time you went out with the wrong footwear or no gloves. It’s never a bad thing when you’re just going to the car and back, but if you have to be outside for a while it can get miserable. Let’s put those canvas sneakers away and never do that again, okay?

We all need a good pair of boots. We’re not talking about working boots either. If you need something casual Uggs will have your toes toasty in a pair of For more formal situations companies like Thursday Boot Co. has you covered.

Let’s not forget about our hands. While you might not need a giant pair of thermal mittens, an extra layer to keep your hands warm never hurt. Black and brown seem to be the most popular colours since they go with everything. If you’re really specific about holding things, get an adjustable pair of mittens.

Accessories, because why stop at the essentials

This is where you can really express your individuality. You can keep it classy and just wear a scarf. You can wear a beanie cap, ball cap or ushanka if the weather calls for it (or you’re eccentric). You should really just have fun with this because accessories tie your look together.

The bottom line

If I’m being totally honest, winter isn’t inherently fun. The season is however what you make. It’s as much or as little fun as you want to make it. If you love to ice skate do it, if you want to ski or snowboard head to the mountain and if your thing is laying up and looking amazing there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

Enjoy your holidays and time with family. As long as you’re having a good time and staying warm, winter just might be the most wonderful time of the year.