Buying a Long-Term Travel Insurance

Deciding whether to purchase a long-term travel insurance or not can be quite confusing. Most of the time, people question whether if it is worth the price or not. To answer that question, you need more knowledge about long-term travel insurance in general.

Finding a Long-Term Travel Insurance

Most likely, you will not have trouble finding travel insurance in your local area. Although, you may browse the net for any agencies that offer one. To learn more, check this: Fred writes about insurance for digital nomads.

Types of Travel Insurance

Take time to decide on the type of insurance to buy, since each of them has different coverages. You also do not want to be confused, so read up on what coverage is available for each travel insurance policy.

For hospital visits due to either accidents or injuries, while you are outside your home country, a Travel Health Insurance may benefit you. As for an insurance that covers for transportation to a hospital for receiving treatment, a Medical Evacuation Insurance should be what you need. A Trip Cancellation Insurance can cover for travel interruptions, while a Property Insurance applies to cases in which your possessions are damaged or stolen while you are traveling.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

The short answer to the question of “Is Travel Insurance worth it?” is a big “YES.” Anyone who intends to travel should at least opt for both health and property insurance since anything may possibly occur while on a trip. No one can predict what may happen in the future, you could end up in an accident, contract a serious illness, or you may even require medical evacuation. Avoid taking misfortunes for granted, since these may cost you much more without insurance.

Choosing the Type of Insurance

You have to select an insurance that will meet your needs. If you intend to travel for more than six months, then opt for long-term insurance. If you have slight intentions of canceling flights, then try to purchase a Trip Cancellation Insurance, in case you intend to change plans. Overall, you just have to choose based on your preferences and needs.


Since anything can possibly happen while you are traveling, a travel insurance is worth buying. Choose a long-term travel insurance if the trip is longer than six months. Lastly, you should choose the type that will match your needs and preferences.