Four Things To Do When House Painting

Four Things To Do When House Painting

House painting is the perfect DIY project to take on in those warmer months when you’ve got a bit more time off work than average, and you’re working down that DIY to do list. Reviving the exterior of your home with a paint job is an easy way to improve how the entire property looks – plus, if you sell your home further down the road, you’ll be glad you did it. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to turn something old new again. There are things to remember when embarking on this DIY job to avoid making any mistakes, mainly if you haven’t painted something as big as a house before. Taking on these practical tips will make the job easier and help it to look as good as it did the first time it was painted. Here are four things to do when painting your house.

Pressure Wash

It can be tempting to want to just jump straight into the painting part of the job, but unfortunately, this is almost one of the last steps when it comes to producing a bright exterior. You’ve got to cover all your bases at the beginning to ensure that the results are as good as they could be. This begins with cleaning, which isn’t as arduous as it sounds. Hiring a pressure washer to get all those marks, stains and cobwebs off the existing paint can be quite a fun job – especially if you have kids around that want to be involved somehow. It’s not the most labor-intensive job and will set you up for success when it comes time to paint. Be sure to go over each area at least two or three times so that you can get every dirt particle – even the smallest bit can compromise the look of the paint.

First, Repair

Another job to take on before you pick up that bucket of paint can be a bit of a pain now, but in the long run, will help the quality of the finished product last longer. Going around the exterior of your house and looking for any damaged areas in the paint will make the entire job more comfortable in the long run – it’s never fun painting over holes, ruts, and rusty old nails that are just going to wear through the paint when it’s dry. Even adjacent surfaces to where you’re going to be painting are worth repairing if they’re damaged – this will prevent you having to patch up the edges or go over areas again in the future. Once you have fixed and replaced any of the damaged surfaces, it’s worth sanding it down to create a smooth surface you can paint over.

Protect Non-Painted Surfaces

One more preventative measure to take before you begin painting is making sure that anything on the exterior of your house that you don’t want to come into contact with the paint is protected. While you might have a steady hand and be a perfectionist when it comes to painting, there’s no telling where it might prove more difficult than you thought to paint. Preventing any messy overlap of paint on areas that you don’t want it, its recommended to cover things like doors, windows, and lights with plastic. You can either invest in some commercial plastic that’s commonly used by painters, or for the smaller objects like lights you can just use plastic bags to cover them. Secure this plastic with a tape like duct tape around all the edges will help you create a waterproof, paint proof protective seal.

The Paint Job

We’ve finally come to the part of the job that’s the most enjoyable and satisfying. There are a couple of ways to apply the paint, and one of the more recommended is spray painting. This will automatically cut your paint time by half if not more and save you many hours of manual labor. Painting the exterior of a house by hand takes too long, especially if you’ve got the option of using a spray paint machine to do the job thoroughly and evenly. Here is a useful link to some great reviews of the best spray paint machines on the market.

Painting the exterior of your house doesn’t have to be a long, stressful job. It can even be therapeutic and enjoyable, especially if you’ve got the time and good weather to get the job done in good time. Remembering these practical and useful tips will give you a high-quality result, which will mean you won’t have to even think about doing the job again for at least another few years. There’s nothing like a good paint job to spruce up a house and make it look good from the outside in.