Top Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

As a dog owner, it may be almost impossible to leave your dog at home when you travel, especially for a long time.

The love and bond between your pet and you makes it hard to plan vacations or getaways simply because you can’t bear to leave your beloved pet at home. But with a little bit of patience and planning, it’s very possible to bring your dog along on your holidays.


Traveling via a car, train, or plane? For each kind of transport, here are different restraints to use to keep your dog safe. For example, when driving, having a barricade or harness in the backseat is essential. If your dog is small, a seat booster that comes with a leash is also a good option. Ensure these restraints let your dog breathe easily as well. If you’re flying, it’s essential to talk to your airline. Airlines often have strict rules concerning pets on board.

It just depends on the size and breed of dog, as well as the carrier you’re going to use. In addition, this will attract some extra baggage fees, so you’ll need to inquire from the airline first. You will need an authorized carrier or crate when traveling via a plane.

Toilet stops/breaks

Make sure to allow some additional time on your schedule for exercise breaks as well as toilet breaks if you’re driving. Carry plenty of food, snacks, and water. Bring your dog’s food tray, water bowl, toys, and leash.

Dogs are easily affected by heat stress, so don’t leave your canine unattended in the car. Also consider getting shade screens for your windows if the pooch will be staying in the backseat.


When looking for pet-friendly accommodation, turn to the internet. This may range from dog-friendly B&Bs, farm stays, caravan parks, and camping.

Before booking, make sure to familiarize yourself with the in-house rules. Are dogs allowed outside or inside only? Do they permit animals of the same size as your dog? Do you have to bring your dog’s bedding? Do they provide a fenced area where your dog can relax? It’s best to choose accommodation which closely matches your dog’s normal routine.

Pet health

Although it’s our hope that this never happens, anybody can fall sick while traveling, including your dog. So, before you head off, know where the local pet hospital or vet is. This is especially important if you’re heading somewhere remote or you’re camping. Also remember to pack all pet medicines you might need and have enough for the entire time you’re away.

Dog sitter

After arriving at your fabulous vacation destination, what will you do in order to visit that lovely gourmet café up the road or watch that exciting new show? If you’re going to need some time without your hound in tow, ask about a pet sitter. First ask if your accommodation provides dog sitting services. If not, does the area have any reliable dog sitter? Do you take your dog to them or will they pitch up at your place? Make sure to consider this before you book your own accommodation so you’re not disappointed.

Pets play an integral role in our lives

It’s amazing to be able to go with your pets during your family holiday. While a little more planning is requiring, traveling with your dog on holidays is a wonderful experience for you as well as your pet. By picking the best accommodation, bringing your dog’s favorite toy, usual bedding, and taking care of your dog’s safety and health while traveling, your family is going to have a fun and stress-free holiday.