Five Reasons Why MIG Welding Process Is Better for Beginners

MIG Welding Process Is Better for Beginners

The Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding process is a simplistic process to learn if you are a beginner welder. You might’ve heard this process referred to as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or by the name Metal Arc Welding (MAG). For a long time, this simplistic welding process was well-known as MIG, although the American Welding Society currently delineates it as GMAW.

The majority of individuals still call it MIG welding, and odds are you have heard it named that. Metal Inert Gas was developed by the fabrication field as a method of streamlining production. It’ll do this by utilizing a wire roll as the welding electrode. The wire continuously feeds, and just rarely has to be filled.

Contrast Process of MIG Welding with Stick Welding

Prior to MIG welders being invented there were stick welders. Naturally, stick welding will take a longer period of time because you have consumables which have to be changed more often. Consumables in welding are welding rods, stick electrodes, or MIG wires that are consumed and will create the actual weld bead. As you view a weld you will see a weld bead which was deposited in order to form a weld joint. The weld bead is critical to the strength of the material that you are welding. If you were to merely do a fuse weld without any filler, the part might lack strength.

The main issue with beginner stick welding is that it is exponentially more difficult to start and sustain an arc using a stick welder. Of course, you will get the hang of it after some time. However, if you are somebody who wants to avoid the migraines, and you have a desire to learn welding within the fastest possible time, the process of MIG welding is fantastic for you. For more information on the best MIG welder visit

There are five reasons to begin with a MIG welder:

Weld Puddle Is Clear

When you are first studying welding, you want to have the ability to see the weld puddle. That’s not possible using stick welding because it is being protected using a slag coating.

Pull Trigger and Go

Unlike stick welding, users will not need to be concerned with their rod sticking constantly. You will, instead, have a MIG gun. All there is to do is to pull the trigger and you are welding. The puddle is going to form and you will be off to the races.

There isn’t any Smoke

If you are using the machine as a real MIG welder, you will have a gas tank that is hooked up to it. The inert gas is utilized to protect the weld from any contamination. It’ll produce shiny, nice welds without smoke.


As you begin the weld it’s possible to run it for lengthy time periods without having to stop. The length will be determined by the welder’s duty cycle.


It’s possible to save money on visits to the welding supply shop. Your MIG wire roll likely will last a lot longer than a stick electrode box.

What If You Want to MIG Weld Without any Gas?

If you have a desire to utilize the process of MIG welding without a shielding gas, you will have to buy flux core wire. Using stick welders, you will view a coating of flux upon the exterior of the metal filler rod. Using flux core, flux is on the wire’s interior. You will want to be cautious to ensure that you change the polarity settings prior to welding using flux core. Otherwise, the welds are going to come out with a lot of spatter.

No Gas MIG Welder vs. MIG Welding

With a Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welder as you pull the gun’s trigger to begin the weld, various things happen. Firstly, as you have the gas bottle hooked up to the wire welder the gas begins to flow, the wire begins to feed, and the arc begins.

No gas MIG welders don’t use gas, yet rather a hollow wire which is filled with flux. It’s utilized to guard the molten weld puddle while cooling. Just like flux will be utilized to guard the weld puddle while utilizing flux core wire, shielding gases are utilized with the MIG process in order to guard the weld puddle.

The wire that is utilized with the MIG process includes a solid wire due to no flux being needed. Therefore, do not get the word flux core welder and no gas MIG welder confused because they’re the same thing.