Avoid These Mistakes for a Spectacular Wedding Day

Perfect! That’s how you want your big day to be, right? Of course, it is your desire that every piece will fall into place.

But, what does it take to ensure that everything runs smoothly? Well, it requires well-calculated planning and dedication. In fact, it is the little things will make your wedding day a success.

That said, no matter what you do, or what your plan is, be sure to avoid these mistakes if you want your big day to be brilliant right from the start to the reception.

Failure to include your wedding venue on the invitation card

The last thing that you want is to create confusion regarding your wedding venue. Your guests need to know exactly where the nuptials will take place if for nothing else to arrive there on time. Some attendees (especially those coming from far) may want to find accommodation a day or two before your wedding. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to ensure that every invented guest knows where your wedding will be held way in advance.

If you can’t include the directions on the card, you may as well make calls to notify everyone about the venue.

Failure to do enough research on entertainment

Okay, you have all the drinks and food items in place for your guests. But, there’s more to a wedding than the food and drinks. You need to keep your guests entertained. One of the best ways to do so is to hire a wedding singer. Ensure that you get one who’s conversant with wedding songs and has considerable experience. And, it doesn’t hurt if he/she has other skills such as deejaying to spruce up the reception party! Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a wedding singer, visit http://www.theweddingsinger.uk.com/wedding-singer-manchester.htm to view one of the most sought after wedding singers in the United Kingdom.

The only thing to remember here is to make sure that you discuss the costs with your wedding singer. Be sure to sign a contract that stipulates the terms of engagement. Don’t forget that you’ll have to feed the singer, just like everybody else who attends the wedding. You may assign someone to make sure that he/she gets the refreshments in between the breaks.

Failure to choose the right day of the week

One of the most important considerations to make when choosing your wedding day is the availability of your guests. If you pick a day (and time) when most of them won’t be available, it means that there’s every chance your wedding will be boring. You may consider asking your expected guests about their schedule for the week that you intend to wed and plan according to their availability. That way, you’ll be assured to have a crowd that will make the day lively.

Failure to determine who to invite and who to leave out

In as much as you want to make your wedding day a success, you don’t have to invite everyone. It is, therefore, important to decide who to invite and who to skip. Of course, you will have to include your family members from your grandma to aunties and uncles. Your close friends ought to be in attendance too.

When you don’t decide who’s to attend your wedding and who shouldn’t, you’re in essence brewing confusion both at the venue and the reception.  One of the things that could go wrong is a messed up sitting arrangement not to mention a possibility of refreshments and food running out.

Failure to verify the quality of invitation cards

Your guests will use their cards to access the wedding venue. You should, therefore, make sure that the card’s quality is of a reasonable standard. The printing should be clear, and the paper should remain in a somewhat good condition until the big day. As a rule of thumb, the address has to be ink-printed as opposed to being handwritten. Other than that, the envelope has to be attractive, preferably with calligraphic patterns on it.

Failure to spend time with your guests

Sure, the event revolves around you and your spouse, but it is important to show your guests some appreciation. So, take some time out during the reception dinner and say a word to two your invitees – personally. And, that doesn’t mean spending a whole ten minutes thanking a guest for attending your wedding. A simple handshake will do. Another way of showing appreciation is allowing your guests to join you and your spouse on the dance floor. That way, everybody becomes part of the fun.

You have unrealistic expectations regarding the gifts

Naturally, you’ll expect to get some gifts from your guests.  But, you should be practical. Of course, some will give you high-end gifts while others will stick to cheap items. Be ready to accept whatever gift that come your way – after all, it is the thought that counts. Keep in mind that your wedding invitees may or may not bring you gifts. Focus on making the day unforgettable and not what the guests bring you as gifts.

In Conclusion

A lot of things can go wrong during your wedding if you fail to make plans for the day. Go out of your way to ensure that everything you’d want to happen during your big day is well taken care of. If you have a demanding job and can’t create time you may as well consider seeking the services of a wedding planner.