10-Person Tent – For the Ultimate Group Camping Experience

Outdoor camping in a large group requires a safe, spacious and sturdy portable shelter such as a 10-person tent. Such a tent assures the traveling team of comfort, sufficient sleeping area and storage space. Therefore, if you are planning on a camping trip with your extended family, this is the right tent size for you. However, you first have to make the first step by choosing the perfect tent.

Go for a Tent Sewn From Weatherproof, Hardy Material

If you are an avid camper, a tent that gives up on you a few months down the line won’t add value to your hobby. You need one that stands up to the persistent attacks from the harsh weather – rain, heat and wind, and still stay sturdy.

The material should also keep you and the other campers dry all the time. It should shield you from the sunlight during the summer and from the rain during the wet months. Only a hardy, waterproof fabric can maintain such comfort for long.

Consider Innovative Construction and Design

Apart from being a place to rest and shield from the weather, the tent ought to offer the users easy setup, access, and use. The design should allow you to fold the tent and fit into the trunk of most vehicles. The pole system should permit for easy setting up, especially for those times when you have to put up camp quickly.

A hinged door would be ideal for easy access and exit, most preferably located to the front and to the back of the tent. The tent should also allow for partitioning to offer much-needed privacy. Additional roof vents and zip-open windows should be strategically placed to offer perfect ventilation, which is vital during the hot summer months.

The top of the tent should be high enough to allow users to stand up instead of stooping. On the other hand, the tent should cover a floor surface area large enough to hold two or more air mattresses.

Have a Wide Choice

You ought to select from different colors or designs depending on your style. Choosing your preferred color adds some style to your camping arrangement.

Does the Ozark Trail 10-persont Tent Fit THIS Description?

One of the top tents on the market is the Ozark, which is the top highlight on http://tentsandcampgear.com/ozark-trail-10-person-tent/. This tent comes with 186 sq. ft of floor space and 78 inches at the highest point in terms of headroom. This tent comes with two room dividers, allowing you to create three separate rooms. Each room is big enough to accommodate an air mattress and still leave some space for you to store some items.

This tent comes in black, red or beige for an enhanced fashionable look. You get to enjoy the luxury provided by a mesh roof and several zip windows. These windows make for perfect airflow ideal for a cool night during hot summer days.

The tent is made of hardy material and comes with a front canopy that adds to the weather protection feature. This tent comes with a center door and two extra side doors for easy access and exit. The seams are perfectly designed to prevent any leaks.