Enhance Your Knowledge About Speakers And Enjoy Music By Getting The Best One

A long journey in a car is always pleasant, full with entertainment and fun. However, it is also essential to keep many important vehicle accessories with you while going on long journeys. A car speaker is one of them. If you do not have one, you can go online and explore the best car speakers at http://www.speakerdigital.com/reviews/aiwa-exos/.

To buy car speakers, you need to encounter with many things like type of speakers, cost and many others. Therefore, let’s start with initial thing, i.e., types of car speakers. On the basis of production of sound at multi-frequencies, speaker is of 3 types-

Woofer– It is one of the most popular speaker systems usually used in all places like a vehicle, home-based parties and clubs. It’s a large speaker system that usually produces the sound at lower frequencies. This type of speaker system is easy to install and use.

Mid-size speakers – These speakers are designed to reproduce the sound at mid-range frequencies. Due to their compact design and ready to use feature, mid-size speakers can be used in almost every sound based application like in a vehicle, in DJ’s floor and so on.

Tweeter – The design of a tweeter is small and compact so that it can be used with any large speaker system. A tweeter usually produces sound output of the highest frequencies. Generally, a small tweeter comes with a large speaker system to produce and balance bass with a sound output of large speaker component.

On the basis of structure and working, there are two types of speakers-

Coaxial speaker – It is also known as full range or way-based speakers. Generally, this speaker system is installed in a vehicle at the manufacturing time in a factory. Coaxial speaker system comes in 2, 3 and 4 ways; where ways are referred as number of tweeters. Yes, there is a pre-installed tweeter with coaxial speaker that produces bass by balancing the output sound of coaxial speaker. This sort of speaker more often than not comes in single piece that makes them affordable and easy to install.

Components speaker system – This is also known as separate speaker system; this speaker system comes in various speaker components like main speaker, woofer, sub-woofer and tweeter. This speaker system is also known as multi-pieces speaker system that is generally used in domestic and commercial places like clubs, home and so on.

Along with above mentioned, there are also other types of speaker systems available like subwoofers, mid-bass drivers and super tweeter. The functionality and features of these speaker types are much different form regular speaker components.