Rowing Machines – Offering Several Health Benefits To The People

Having a perfect body shape is the dream of every human, but it requires rigorous effort on your part. You need to opt for regular intense workout as well as intake healthy food. If you are not having time to make a visit to the gym, then you must think of purchasing few gym equipments such as tread mill, rowing machine, elliptical etc. If you do not want to invest in numerous equipments then just opt for purchasing the rowing machine as you can easily perform a number of exercises with the machine. Rowing machine helps you to build as well as tone your muscles. You can search the web or can visit for finding the best machine as per your requirement. There are different types of rowing machine such as flywheel machine, hydraulic machine, magnetic resistance and the water rowers, thus you need to know the pros and cons of each of them, in order to purchase the best one for yourself.  

Rowing machines and numerous advantages

There are numerous advantages offered by the rowing machines. One of the best parts is that they are easy to store. You can easily fold the rowing machine after performing the workout and then can store it at any place. Some of the other health benefits associated with the rowing machines are listed below.

  • Weight loss – rowing also helps you to burn those extra calories. The amount of calories burnt in a single workout depends upon the resistance level. The best part is that it is a low impact workout and thus will not have any hard impact on joints.
  • Muscles build up and muscle-toning – rowing makes use of almost all the major group of muscles, without giving high pressure on your joints. Thus, you can easily build up and tone your muscles with the rowing machine. If you want to increase the rate of building the muscle, opt for tighter or higher resistance.
  • Stress relief – the release of endorphins in brain increase with the cardiovascular activity, which helps in the reduction of stress and many a times also helps in coping up with depression. Since, the machine is easily portable you can keep the same in front of your television etc. for performing the workout, this will make your workout more delightful and in addition the release of endorphins will also increase.

In addition to the benefits listed above there are many other benefits offered by the rowing machines for example it increases the functioning of the heart, makes use of carbohydrates for providing energy for exercise etc. The aerobic exercises help you to improve circulation system, heart and lung. In addition to the benefits, there are various drawbacks associated with it like the back pain, knee pain etc.