How A Washlet Can Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

Whenever you need to freshen up but don’t have enough time for a proper shower, or whenever you have just been to the toilet, bidets and washlets make a great addition to most bathrooms. Choosing one over the other pretty much depends on how comfortable you feel using a bidet versus a washlet, but both types are particularly useful for the elderly, new mothers, as well as people with certain medical conditions, like hemorrhoids.

A little about washlets 

Not everyone may have heard of it, but a washlet is a Japanese electric toilet seat that features a water spray and that must be installed on matching toilets. Depending on the model, the washlet will either fit over the toilet seat, or will replace it altogether; the seat can be either round or elongated, and it can be heated. This happens automatically when you sit, but the washlet also comes with a timer, so that you can get your seat heated at regular intervals or before you actually go to the bathroom.

With most washlet types, the controls are within easy reach, either to the right or to the left. With some models, however, all features can be controlled remotely, which makes this type of washlet the best choice for people with limited mobility.

Typically, the jet of water can be soft or standard/ stronger, and you can switch between the two according to your needs. Moreover, the jet is not unidirectional, which means you can adjust the direction of the spray from rear to front, and vice versa. At the same time, the temperature and pressure of the water can also be set to match your preferences. Note that in most cases, the water is always warm, but you have the freedom of adjusting the temperature as you see fit. Moreover, some washlet models even feature a dryer that you can set at several different temperatures, and that will greatly diminish the need for toilet paper.

As far as shape is concerned, a round bowl with its corresponding round seat is the more popular choice, mainly because it has been around the longest. Round seats are more affordable and more suitable for smaller bathrooms, whereas the elongated type is better for taller or larger people.

While most models are meant for adults, there are some brands that can easily be used for children as well, and you can find at Sanitation Ventures some useful insight into this topic. The bottom line is that both washlet and bidet seats are great options, as long as you make sure the weight sensors recognize the child sitting and render the seat fully functional.

Finally, most models use anti-bacterial materials such as self sterilizing and rust-free stainless steel parts to make them truly hygienic.