What Are The Benefits of Wearing ID Badges

An Identification Card is a piece of paper, or plastic with ones photo, name, position, title and generally personal or official information pertaining to the ID owner. It is used as a form of identification of persons and serves as a basis of preventing fraud, theft or any other form of intrusions. It is a symbol of belonging to a certain country, region, school, company, organization you name it. ID badges have become the norm in modern day institutions whereby employers/managers prefer that their employees wear the badges while on official duty. They are designed differently and customized according to a client’s needs be it a company or an institution of learning. Most IDs contain the company logo, the name of the bearer, title, and contact details incase lost and found.

Benefits of IDs

The fact that IDs were developed means that they have significance. First and foremost, they provide identification; by looking at a person’s ID one may be able to establish a lot about the person and feel free to ask for assistance if need be. In addition, the fact that that institution has badges for its members means that they also have a record and can keep track of its students or staff. IDs are also a means to gain access to a building or area whereby members could swipe their way through or by manually presenting the Identification card to security personnel. Also, they could be used for time-keeping purposes in institutions of learning and companies. There is professionalism in wearing ID badges, it shows a more organized working environment and is very attractive to potential clients as they are aware of who they are dealing with. More importantly, even perhaps the major reason Identification cards were developed in the first place, is for security purposes. They prevent unauthorized entry and fraud since only people allocated the badges will be allowed past certain areas.

Their drawbacks

Not everybody approves of carrying around Identification with them. In fact some find it outright annoying. As much as the cards display information about you to the public, this may not always work to your advantage. Some people read too much in a name especially if you find yourself with a racist or tribalist. Additionally, the costs associated with making badges for members are significantly high and since they are deemed to get lost, replacement costs are not avoidable. Also, no card is foolproof to duplication hence a breach of security is possible. Identity cards have been around since the early 20th century and as such most countries require their citizens to possess an ID when they attain a stipulated age. Companies, organizations, schools and other large bodies have also followed suit in ensuring they could identify their members easily by issuing them with an ID card. Notwithstanding the drawbacks associated with them, they are quite essential. Some have even gone the extra mile and made the badges to be technologically viable even with micro-chips installed. If therefore one wishes to introduce this to their organization, it is important to tell the members of their benefits and encourage them to wear their badges while in official duty, otherwise the whole purpose of having IDs will be defeated.